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Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 8

In order to keep you as up to date as I can the following are notes from discussion held on 21st June. Present :

  • Councillors Fletcher, Day, Hatton, Gardiner, Alderton, Potter, McCormick, Rhodes-Kemp,
  • Mrs V Parkes, Mrs M Goding, Mrs V Tookey (Clerk)
  • District Cllr Van de Weyer, County Cllr Kindersley
  • Mr Ian Southcott, Mr Simon Barrett – CEMEX
  • Mr Andrew Fillmore – Planning Officer, South Cambs District Council.

Cllr Fletcher opened the discussion by asking CEMEX representatives to explain where they believed they were with the agreement. S Barrett stated that he believed they were very close to the final draft so that planning permission could be issued. A Fillmore confirmed this and once S06 is signed and completed Planning Department would issue the decision notice. Points discussed/confirmed:-

£100,000 would be released to Parish Council upon commencement of demolition, or settlement of reserved matters whichever is the earliest. This sum will come from the Village Hall allocation initially. Ownership of Village Hall still being investigated by BPC and this sum will be used to employ consultants for both village hall and pavilion matters such as
design, v.a.t. etc.

Transfer of land and pavilion remains at commencement. Confirmed that once planning permission is issued there will be continual discussions between CEMEX and BPC.

Water management options are still being considered. BPC and CEMEX had met during May and options are still being considered.

When asked S Barrett confirmed that they were talking to a number of developers at the moment, but terms have yet to be agreed - which will happen once planning permission is granted. Marketing package is being pulled together at the moment, and should take 4 – 6 months. Then a further 6 months for developers to respond and due diligence to take place.

S Barrett confirmed they are working on the demolition plan which will include an asbestos survey (Hydroc have been contracted to do this), and then demolition and remediation will be costed.

  • There is an archaeological condition in the Reserved Matters ; although in 2007 there was an extensive survey.
  • Discharge of sewage – current plan is to pump to Haslingfield.
  • Cycle path has to be completed by first occupation and recently initial bore holes have been drilled.
  • Timetable is for 2 years to clear Reserved Matters and then one year to start build.
  • When asked about possibility of a joint venture, S Barrett confirmed it may be something similar to a joint venture with a developer.
  • Design for the public open space will happen fairly soon, since BPC need to make the decision regarding ownership/management.
  • Fencing around quarry, building site and the railway line is still being considered bearing in mind both safety and visual needs. A developer would probably want a more significant fence for visual purposes, higher and more solid.
  • Number of train journeys was raised. Permission is for 3 journeys a day, at the moment running 2 and some weeks only 1. S Barrett stated that infill was still on target.
  • Maintaining the number of trees etc on Haslingfield Road where new school car park is planned was discussed. S Barrett agreed would keep as much as can. Wildlife and Ecological survey will need to be carried out.
  • Timetable for the school was raised as a major and urgent concern. Payment is to be made 50% at commencement with remainder at first occupation. All present would hope that County were actively working on plans.
  • Cycleway to Foxton should be completed at first occupation but recent news of Network Rail consultation regarding changes to crossing would have implications to design.

Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 7

You will have seen the draft notes from the discussion held on 19th April which were adopted at BPC meeting held on 17th May.

I have nothing further to report to you since the various legal departments (County Council, District Council and CEMEX) are still “ping ponging” the agreement clarifying points.


  • Cambs County Council have met with the School Governors for initial talks.
  • Barrington Parish Council is working on a “Reduce speed plan” which will feed into the traffic management measures. These measures will probably include a crossing, gateway features and surfacing in front of Barrington School (sum of £165,000 allocated for this). BPC will need to come up with a plan, and then get it approved by the County Council and Police authority and then the Developer will do the works.

The long awaited Water Report is still not to hand. This is a very important element for Barrington.

As always if you want any clarification please contact me.
Val Tookey Clerk to Barrington Parish Council


Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 6

The Parish Council received the further draft of the S106 on Wednesday 13th April. Some points previously raised had been dealt with but there were still concerns. BPC sent list to CEMEX, and their two representatives attended the April Parish Council Meeting. South Cambs District Council was not represented since its queries had been resolved. Cambs County Council queries and comments had been added to this version, which were mostly to do with a Travel Plan and Playing area on the new development.

The following are the draft notes which will be adopted at the May meeting and which I think will give you all the further information BPC has. As always if you want any clarification and I can help please contact me.

Discussion on the April version of the S106 Agreement.
Tuesday 19th April 2016

Present : Ian Southcott (CEMEX) Simon Barrett (CEMEX), Cllrs Fletcher, Potter,
Mc Cormick, Alderton, Gardiner, Fesco, Day, Hatton, Mesdames Parkes, Goding and Tookey, District Cllr Van de Weyer, and Mr M Goding.

Firstly BPC Queries were addressed by Simon Barrett.

a) BPC legal costs are not covered in the draft (SCDC and CCC are). Simon Barrett confirmed that these would now be included – as long as reasonable.

b) Land and building for sport – currently agreement states transferred once work completed. BPC stressed that unable to start the various projects until actually own land and buildings. Simon Barrett agreed that this would now be at “commencement”.

c) Public Open space on Haslingfield Road – Simon Barrett agreed that the Landscape Architect would work with BPC to formulate the design of area. The Developer would then implement the proposal. If BPC decide not to take over then a Management Company would need to be found.

d) School car park – Simon Barrett said that since this was in the planning approval is likely to stay as indicated i.e. Opposite the school and off the new footpath.

e) River walk – BPC asked that the wording be more flexible to allow for “river walks projects within the parish of Barrington”. Simon Barrett agreed this would be changed.

f) Archer Bridge - At the moment CCC not willing to sign agreement as it does not own any land here in order to be able to make improvements. Clerk to BPC was working on a proposal.

g) Tennis courts – BPC has asked to move these to the new development site. CEMEX need to work to the Planning Committee report so could not change this element. (However, SCDC has stated that these could be moved).

h) The revised Water Report is still awaited by CEMEX and Simon Barrett hoped to have that out to us within next couple of weeks.

Discussion then followed on various issues.

Car park:

Could this be allocated where originally intended to go ? i.e. on Heslerton Green side of school ?

Simon Barrett said that the Committee report states the position so there is no opportunity to move it. To do so would require a committee resolution.

Concern about disabled users having to cross road – would need a drop off point.

County have been offered use of alternative sites either BPC or Green Charity land.

Liaison Meetings:

When asked, Ian Southcott confirmed that a Liaison Meeting was overdue and in June the railway would have been operating for 12 months so an ideal opportunity to review. Concerns had been raised regarding emergency vehicles access should the train break down. CEMEX had met with Heidi Allen MP on the subject.

Water Report:

Agreed there would need to be a separate smaller group meeting to discuss the revised report once received.

Generally agreed that the water table is high at the moment, not only Haslingfield Road end of the village but also West Green.

Also agreed vitally important that there is a satisfactory solution to the water issue. Simon Barrett said that part of this would be holding back water through attenuation (using swales) and Monty Goding pointed out that gault pit was also to be used for this. (Gault pit is the lake which will form part of the new public open space).


Simon Barrett confirmed that the survey work has been completed and there is a design in place. Agreed that it is doable, there are a couple of pinch points which should be acceptable, but now need engineering design to cross the viaduct.

He also confirmed that this would be lit; and will be subtle, responding to movement.

School footpath:

Ian Southcott confirmed that at long last design for the lighting to the footpath has been agreed. Agreement needs to be made with the school for access to power. (as part of the Waste and Minerals permission for quarry infill)


Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 5

a)  Unfortunately further discussion on the S106 agreement did not take place at the March meeting of the parish council.

The Draft Agreement is still in discussion with the County and District Councils and their legal departments. It is now hoped that the “almost” final document will come to the April meeting of the Parish Council.

Our Annual Parish Meeting is set for May 3rd which will give you an opportunity to hear the most up to date information regarding the agreement.

b) Alongside this S106 agreement your Parish Council awaits a vitally important Water Report. Obviously there are ramifications to the ditch and pond system following the de-commissioning of the cement works. A strategy needs to be in place prior to any re-development of the site. CEMEX’s experts report was not accepted by BPC and a further report is now awaited.

c) A lighting system for the footpath on challis Green to the back of the primary school was part of the requirement for the infill of the quarry. Bollard lighting has now been agreed and we hope that this will be installed very soon.

We will continue to keep you up to date via the newsletter and the re-developed website – the launch of which is planned for May 3rd.

Val Tookey Clerk to Barrington Parish Council


Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 4

It may appear that things are moving slowly and there are reasons for this. Everything hinges on finalising the legal formalities of the S106 agreement and CEMEX gaining approval on reserved matters (the next required part of the planning process). Once the S106 is signed, we have to await the advance payment in order to employ the necessary professionals to work with us on the village hall, pavilions etc. This payment won’t be made until CEMEX start work to clear the site and reserved matters are sorted. The original timeframe was for mid to end of this year but watch this space! A lot of information gathering is being done at the moment. So to keep you up to date :-

A further draft S106 agreement was received mid-January but there are still queries which have not been addressed. We now expect further discussions with CEMEX and Planners to take place at March meeting.

Your Council continues to query certain aspects of the agreement and needs to make the decision regarding management of the new Public Open Space which will be created on the site. Safety concerns about the lake which will remain; what a developer will provide; what uses of the space are expected and how this will all be funded. For example -

  • £200,000 will not go far if it has to cover costs of a new play area! Should BPC not take this over then a management company would be involved.
  • Your Council also awaits confirmation regarding when the pavilions and recreation land will be handed over. We are pushing for this to be as early as possible and not upon first occupation as in the last draft agreement.
  • We are also trying to find an actual ownership document for the village hall which will help when the refurbishment planning starts. We only know that the land was given by a landowner – but who ! We know that the Hall was given to the village in 1928 by the Bendyshe Family and then vested in the Charity Commissioners in the 1930s. We are advised by experts that an actual document will help with the v.a.t. situation. If anyone has any information then please do get in touch with me.
  • Following requesting a meeting with Cambs County Council we have been told that Happy Bunnies will be moving to the School site.

Your council was also told that any traffic management measures will either :-

a) need to be designed by the developer, approved by BPC, South Cambs District Council and County Council,
b) BPC will need to design the scheme and gain approval of the two councils. A sum of £165,000 is allocated for the scheme.
We will hopefully be able to have further speed reducing measures throughout the village as well as on Haslingfield Road.

We will continue to keep you up to date via the newsletter until our new website is fully operational.

Val Tookey Clerk to Barrington Parish Council


Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 3

In this newsletter you will find notes from the meeting between the Parish Council and the sporting community which I think are self-explanatory.
A further draft agreement has been sent to BPC but there are still queries which have not been addressed.

We had anticipated further meetings with CEMEX and the Planning Officers in
December, and then January but these did not take place. Obviously delay in the County and District Councils signing the finalised S106 will have a knock on effect to the proposed timetable for the redevelopment.

Val Tookey On behalf of Barrington Parish Council Clerk


Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 2

In this newsletter you will find notes from the discussion the Parish Council, School Governors, and Village Hall Trustees had with CEMEX and Planners from South Cambs District Council.

Following that meeting CEMEX needed to consult further with their solicitor. New trigger points had been suggested, for the release of funding to South Cambs District Council for the different projects. BPC also requested money up front to enable full consultation with the village, employment of architects etc.

You will also see from the notes that at the moment there has been negligible contact from the County Council with the School Governing Body regarding the necessary additional classrooms etc.

By the time this newsletter is delivered BPC will have met with the local sports groups. Ownership of the pavilions and land is to be given to the Parish Council. The day to day management will need to be agreed. Likewise use of the £150,000 to refurbish the cricket/football pavilion.

We will continue to keep you updated on progress but of course, if you want any further information please contact any member of the council, or myself.
Oh and of course, festive greetings to you all.

Val Tookey On behalf of Barrington Parish Council Clerk


Redevelopment of former Cement works site
Update 1

On Tuesday 20th September Barrington Parish Council (BPC) met with Planning Officers, and representatives from CEMEX to comment on the draft S106 agreement. Also present were representatives from the Village Hall Trustees and the School Governing Body. Your District and County Councillors also attended. So what is the S106 agreement ? It is a legal agreement between CEMEX and BPC requiring a levy on the developer towards certain specified upgrading, improvements, and refurbishing of village facilities. The school is the most important element of this agreement since the additional educational facilities need to be in place when houses are occupied. That will be a matter for Cambs County Council and the Schools Governing Body to agree and oversee. There is a sum of £1,010,520 in the agreement for additional education facilities at Barrington Primary School to include nursery provision. Also in this agreement are allocations towards our community and recreation facilities ….

  • Provision of new or refurbished village hall £1,280,000
  • Refurbishment of existing sports pavilion £150,000
  • Provision of football pitch £120,000
  • Provision tarmac tennis courts £120,000
  • Provision of car park for sports facilities £52,000
  • BPC will be meeting with the sports groups in November for an initial discussion.

A new school car park, improvement to pedestrian footpaths and walks, road traffic management and pedestrian links from new development to school and Foxton Station are also included. BPC are told that this package of £5m is the highest S106 agreement made with South Cambs District Council and Cambs County Council – to whom any monies are paid before transfer to the parish.
So lots of legal work still to get through not least the transfer of ownership of land for the new sports facilities and also the two pavilions. BPC has also requested money up front to enable planning and consultation with the village to start.

We will use the newsletter to keep you updated on the progress and early next year you will all be consulted on your village hall.

It was again confirmed that timetable is :-

  • Clean up site and marketing/sale over 2016
  • Approval on reserved matters (planning issues)
  • Building 2018-2020 (100 homes per year anticipated)

Val Tookey Clerk to Barrington Parish Council


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