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Anne Day - Vice Chair

I have lived in Barrington, with my husband, for just over 40 years.  We were teachers at Melbourn Village College and our daughter grew up here, attending the Primary School.

I have been associated with the Parish Council since 1998, initially as the Clerk and then as a Councillor.  During this time I have been particularly interested in our Play Areas and was much occupied with the enhancement of the Challis Green Area.  I chaired the Sub- Committee set up to consult with our young people, to obtain grant funding to work on designs with Suppliers of equipment and ultimately to oversee the implementation of the project.  I carry out monthly inspections of both Play Areas and report to the Parish Council meeting. I also have responsibility for liaising with Cambridgeshire County Council staff in respect of our footpaths and for requesting the appropriate maintenance from our Parish Council for those paths closest to the Village.  I also attend liaison meetings with Cemex staff. 

I have a personal interest in the history of the Village and I care deeply about preserving and protecting its special character and places, in particular the Green.

Harriet Gardiner

I joined the Parish Council because I thoroughly enjoy living in this village and I wanted to know more about the workings of it. Also as I live on the Haslingfield Road with children at Barrington school I want to know as much as possible about what’s happening on the CEMEX site and what impact the development will have on our street, school and village.

I am responsible for green wildflower areas and trees.I am also responsible for the Community speedwatch, for which we always need volunteers so please contact me if you are interested.

Richard Gibson

My career background is military then financial services and finally learning & development. I am now retired. I moved to Barrington over 20 years ago. I was co-opted onto the Parish Council in September 2017.

I have been an active member of the Barrington Speedwatch for 3 years and more recently joined the Traffic Calming sub-committee. I have a watching brief on the M11 J11 Park & Ride project and the Foxton Hub and Crossing. These schemes impact on the A10 and therefore the residents of Barrington.

My financial background also enables me to understand budgets and financial planning.

Barrington is unique and I will work hard with your Parish Council to keep it that way.

John Granger

I have lived by the Green in Barrington for over twenty-five years; this village is a wonderful community and one I am proud to call home. Prior to my retirement, my entire career was in the property sector, mainly in the Cambridge area. Specialising in planning and development, I feel I know the system well, and I have advised several public bodies on regeneration and development matters.

The imminent development of CEMEX will bring profound changes to the village and your Parish Council will have to tackle complex issues. But this will also give us opportunities for demanding much-needed improvements to those elements that make Barrington a great place to live - our school, transport and communication infrastructure, health, leisure and sports facilities – if we go about it the right way.

Outside my work, I have a long involvement in the voluntary sector, as a Trustee of Wallace Cancer Care, now Maggie’s Centres, and when we moved to California for two years in 2015, I volunteered and qualified as a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in our town. I am a scout leader and was a member of the scout leadership training team in the Western Region of the USA. I recently resumed my role as a Barrington Neighbourhood Watch representative. My husband Tim and I have supported several fund-raising events in the village over the years, in particular Barrington Open Gardens. 

I have held several leadership positions during my career and understand the requirement to demonstrate the highest standards of conduct in public office.

Scott Hatton - Chair

I have lived in the village on Orwell Road since 2012 with my partner Jane Baker, and our 2 children, who both attend Barrington Primary School. We love Barrington and plan to stay in the village for a very long time, if not forever.  I want the best for the village and feel my contributions as a Parish Councillor help with this.  Along with the day to day, due to the Cemex development there are many big decisions to be made for future of the village, and I want to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and represented.

I would like for as many people as possible in the village to understand how the Parish Council works, what its aims and objectives are, what it can (and cannot) influence, and how it is working for the benefit of the whole village.

I work as a Purchasing Manager for a global technology company.  Previously I've spent time living and working in France with Jane and the children, and before that I worked in telecoms, hence my interest and promotion of fibre broadband in the village. 

I feel I understand the budgetary pressures and challenges that all individuals, councils, central government and businesses face.  I see this both in Barrington, the UK and also internationally.  I hope that I can bring some of my experience to help Barrington and the Parish Council.

I also run the administration for this village website.

Hayley Mccormick

I grew up in the village and attended the Barrington Primary and Melbourn Secondary Schools. I have five lovely children, they also have grown up in the village. I joined Barrington parish council, with the children in mind. I would like to help them grow up in a safe and friendly community. Respecting it and setting a good example, as they get older and feel I have the ability to make that happen.

Once my children were old enough, I decided to volunteer at Barrington Primary School, before I knew it, I had found myself chair of the PTA, (Friends of Barrington school). I am also on the committee for the Woodland Revels and the Barrington Ball, which is a biannual event.  I volunteer as a leader at Youth Club on a Friday evening too. I like to organize charity events to raise money for charities. Cancer Research is dearest to me, having completed a few 10k runs. I have recently completed the Cambridge half marathon.

Sheila Potter

I retired in 2001 after working for WHSmith for 26 years and with my husband Terry moved to Barrington in 2002 as we wanted to be closer to my daughter and her family who had moved to Melbourn the year before.

I first got involved in Village life by holding a cake and preserve stall in the church to raise some funds for the Barrington bells. Then I did a petition, with the help of Julian Priddle, to keep a bus service through the village as Stagecoach were stopping buses to Barrington. The result was the Whippet bus that still serves our village.

I was involved in the Village Plan in 2005 and as a result was asked if I would become Treasurer and booking Clerk for The Village Hall, I accepted.
I became a Barrington Parish Councillor in 2011 and am serving my second term. In 2015 I was elected Vice Chair of the Green Charity.

My Volunteer work includes:

  • Being Co-ordinator for the Barrington Car Scheme,
  • Treasurer for The Barrington Scouts
  • I help out at Youth Club on Friday evenings.
  • I am a committee member for The Revels for the yearly Woodland Event.
  • Booking Clerk and treasurer of the Village hall committee
  • Neighbour Hood Watch warden for Malthouse Way
  • A representative of the Parish council for the Town Estate.
  • I am also on the Barrington May Ball committee and do most of the fundraising.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp 

 I am responsible for issues that may contain a legal element as I am a Lawyer in my day job.  I am part of the team endeavouring to improve Challis Green Pond.

Most recently I have been involved in the campaign against the Cemex development and latterly with the Neighbourhood Plan which the Parish Council is hoping to progress in tandem with the 106 Agreement following Cemex's successful planning application. We are working with other villages and the Local Authority to develop this and will be seeking volunteers to help as it is a huge task!

I also act as eyes and ears for walkways-with others as I regularly walk the Green with my spaniel Teddy which is where many villagers catch me to raise concerns or ask questions which I am always happy to deal with where I can or refer on if I cannot.

I enjoy being on the Parish Council as the work is varied if full on at times and I think we act as representatives of the village. We can make a real difference and at a time of budgetary restraint this is more important than ever. Barrington is a lovely village and I am proud to be part of it.

Val Tookey (Clerk)

When Bendyshe Way was built the aim was to bring in young families, and so I arrived in 1971.  I worked for the Rugby Cement Company for five years, from 1972.

We loved the village so much that we moved to four other properties in Barrington, as our housing needs changed.

My two sons were born in the village and I still have two grandchildren living in Barrington.    My eldest son played football for Barrington, and the younger one cricket.

I was Clerk to Barrington Parish Council from 1976 – 1983; then became elected Parish Councillor from 1991 until 2008. From 1995 to 2005 I served as Chairman.

My “paid” job was as Adult Education Manager at Melbourn Village College where I was in charge of the many evening classes taking place , and also co-ordinated use of the premises evenings and weekends.   I was part of the volunteer group McSpa which fund raised and saw the building of the indoor swimming pool on the school site. I was even privileged to cut the ribbon when it opened, standing alongside Trevor Brooking. I continued to act as Secretary to Mcspa during the building of the fitness suite.

Barrington is very special to me.  I have walked its footpaths many, many times, mostly with one of my Labradors. 

Circumstances meant I had to move out of the village in 2007 but I continue to attend the Women’s Institute, and also to co-ordinate and staff the youth club on Friday evenings.

In 2012 I was asked to return as your Councils Clerk. I have enjoyed the challenges that changes in law and procedures have brought about since I was last in post. 

I continue my voluntary work for the village as a member of the Village Hall Trustees, as a member of the Woodland “Revels” Committee and driving for the Community Car Scheme.

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