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The Parish Council is:

Councillor Anne Day - Vice Chair
Councillor Richard Gibson
Councillor John Granger
Councillor Simon Lock
Councillor Ray Kemp
Councillor Hayley McCormick
Councillor Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp - Chair

Clerk Val Tookey 

Anne Day - Vice Chair

I have lived in Barrington, with my husband, for just over 40 years.  We were teachers at Melbourn Village College and our daughter grew up here, attending the Primary School.

I have been associated with the Parish Council since 1998, initially as the Clerk and then as a Councillor.  During this time I have been particularly interested in our Play Areas and was much occupied with the enhancement of the Challis Green Area.  I chaired the Sub- Committee set up to consult with our young people, to obtain grant funding to work on designs with Suppliers of equipment and ultimately to oversee the implementation of the project.  I carry out monthly inspections of both Play Areas and report to the Parish Council meeting. I also have responsibility for liaising with Cambridgeshire County Council staff in respect of our footpaths and for requesting the appropriate maintenance from our Parish Council for those paths closest to the Village.  I also attend liaison meetings with Cemex staff. 

I have a personal interest in the history of the Village and I care deeply about preserving and protecting its special character and places, in particular, the Green.

Richard Gibson

My career background is military (my last 4 years as a Regimental Paymaster) then financial services and finally learning & development. I am now retired. I moved to Barrington over 20 years ago. I was co-opted onto the Parish Council in September 2017.

I had been an active member of the Barrington Speedwatch for 3 years before I became a Councillor and now manage the Speedwatch volunteers. I am a member of the Traffic Calming sub-committee. I have a watching brief on the M11 J11 Park & Ride project and the Foxton Hub and Crossing. These schemes impact on the A10 and therefore the residents of Barrington.

My financial background enables me to understand budgets and financial planning. The Parish Council has to spend your money wisely and I am keen to see that this happens.

Barrington is a very special place and I will work hard as a Parish Councillor to keep it that way.

Ray Kemp

I have lived in Barrington for 12 years and in South Cambridgeshire for over 22 years.  I hold an MSc and a PhD in Town Planning; am an experienced environmental risk consultant working on major development and decommissioning projects internationally, and have been a Chartered town planner for over 25 years.

I am also an experienced committee member and sit on national advisory committees for the Department of Health and Social Care, and for several scientific organisations. I was previously the Chair of the main Advisory Council to the Australian Nuclear regulator in Melbourne and Sydney, and held three honorary professorships in risk and sustainability in both the UK (Univ. of Surrey) and  in Australia (Univ. of Swinburne, Melbourne Vic; and Univ. of Wollongong NSW).

I helped the Parish Council in formulating its early position on the 106 Agreement for the redevelopment of the Cemex site. I am looking forward to engaging with Redrow on the safe demolition and redevelopment of the site over the coming years.

Away from work I can be seen walking our two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels around the village, or helping friends and colleagues on the Barrington Speedwatch team during all weathers!

Simon Lock

I have lived in Barrington for seven years, moving to Cambridgeshire to be closer to my wife Caroline’s family. We now have a young daughter called Poppy and an ever-growing menagerie of animals.

I have a background in residential property development, both on the advisory and investment side, and worked in Central London for thirteen years. In 2015 I left London and now work for a family business in Great Shelford, manufacturing joinery for commercial and residential projects.

The continued preservation and improvement of Barrington Green is a priority for me as a Parish Councillor, the Green is the reason we came to Barrington and is an extraordinary space that we enjoy as a family every day.

The S106 investment into Barrington from the Cemex development provides an incredibly exciting opportunity for our village and I look forward to being part of the team that has the privilege of improving our village for future generations. 

John Granger

I have lived by the Green in Barrington for over twenty-five years; this village is a wonderful community and one I am proud to call home. Prior to my retirement, my career was in the property sector, mainly in the Cambridge area. Specialising in planning and development, I know the system well, and I have advised several public bodies on regeneration and development matters.

The imminent development by Redrow of the former CEMEX works will bring profound changes to the village, and some major challenges, but it gives us the opportunity to improve those elements that make Barrington a great place to live - our school, transport and communication infrastructure, health, leisure and sports facilities. When completed, the development will result in an increase in the village population by as much as 50%. Many will be young people, and it is essential that they are provided with sports and recreation facilities appropriate to a wide age-range, and in a location where they can be enjoyed most. I am committed to using my best endeavours to maximise the resources the Parish Council can leverage to provide better sports and recreation facilities for the village, particularly for young people.

Outside my work, I have a long involvement in the voluntary sector, both in the UK as a trustee of a cancer charity and in the USA where I was a member of the Community Emergency Response Team in our town until our return to Barrington in 2017. I am a scout leader and I am still involved in scout leadership training in the USA.

My husband Tim and I have supported several fund-raising events in the village over the years, in particular, Barrington Open Gardens.

I have held several leadership positions during my career and understand the requirement to demonstrate the highest standards of conduct in public office.

Hayley Mccormick

I grew up in the village and attended the Barrington Primary and Melbourn Secondary Schools. I have five lovely children, they also have grown up in the village. I joined Barrington parish council, with the children in mind. I would like to help them grow up in a safe and friendly community. Respecting it and setting a good example, as they get older and feel I have the ability to make that happen.

Once my children were old enough, I decided to volunteer at Barrington Primary School, before I knew it, I had found myself chair of the PTA, (Friends of Barrington school). I am also on the committee for the Woodland Revels and the Barrington Ball, which is a biannual event.  I volunteer as a leader at Youth Club on a Friday evening too. I like to organize charity events to raise money for charities. Cancer Research is dearest to me, having completed a few 10k runs. I have recently completed the Cambridge half marathon.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp (Chair)

I first qualified and worked as a nurse before becoming a lawyer. I now combine the two qualifications in my role of Assistant Coroner for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and also for Oxfordshire. I regularly hold Inquests in Huntingdon and in Oxford.

I have lived in Barrington for 12 years and have been a Parish Councillor for 7 of those. My passion and enthusiasm centre on enhancing the well-being of the local community. So in the last 3 years, in the face of a growing population, I have focussed on campaigning for better Health provision and in setting up the Barrington Speed Reduction Working Group. I have also been active in starting the QE2 Woodland Working Group to support our wonderful Volunteers. I am particularly concerned about the need for much better provision for older people – including housing and access to services.

The work of the Parish Council is varied, interesting and challenging and I am pleased to be able to use my legal and negotiating skills to help guide our Village through the redevelopment of the Cemex site and the complexities of the 106 agreement.

I am always pleased to hear the views of villagers as it is you that we represent.

Val Tookey (Clerk)

When Bendyshe Way was built the aim was to bring in young families, and so I arrived in 1971.  I worked for the Rugby Cement Company for five years, from 1972.

We loved the village so much that we moved to four other properties in Barrington, as our housing needs changed.  My two sons were born in the village and I still have two grandchildren living in Barrington.    My eldest son played football for Barrington, and the younger one cricket.

I was Clerk to Barrington Parish Council from 1976 – 1983; then became elected Parish Councillor from 1991 until 2008. From 1995 to 2005 I served as Chairman.

My “paid” job was as Adult Education Manager at Melbourn Village College where I was in charge of the many evening classes taking place.  I was part of the volunteer group McSpa which fundraised and saw the building of the indoor swimming pool on the school site.

Barrington is very special to me.  I have walked its footpaths many, many times, mostly with one of my Labradors. 

In 2012 I was asked to return as your Council's Clerk. I have enjoyed the challenges that changes in law and procedures have brought about since I was last in post. I am looking forward to the future challenges of the new development and the changes within the village.

Circumstances meant I had to move out of the village in 2007 but I continue my voluntary work for the village

  • as a member of the Village Hall Trustees,
  • as a member of the Woodland “Revels” Committee
  • undertaking the financial admin as well as driving for the Community Car Scheme.
  • Undertaking the financial admin for the youth club (which I helped set up 11 years ago)
  • As a voluntary leader for the youth club

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